Command channels not feeding alert info into custom EventLog

Environment= SCOM 2016  Management Servers=Windows Server 2016

Had an issue recently where I had created custom scom command channels to write custom alert information into a custom event log that I had created and it was not working.

Full path of command file:


Command Line Parameters:

/c c:\windows\system32\eventcreate.exe /L “MyCompany SCOM Notifications” /T ERROR /ID 888 /D “ALERT_SOURCE: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/ManagedEntityPath$\$Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/ManagedEntityDisplayName$, ALERT_NAME: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/AlertName$, ALERT_DESCRIPTION: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/AlertDescription$, ALERT_SEVERITY: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/Severity$, ALERT_PRIORITY: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/Priority$, ALERT_CATEGORY: $Data[Default=’Not Present/’]/Context/DataItem/Category$, ALERT_RESOLUTION_STATE: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/ResolutionStateName$, ALERT_OWNER: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/AlertOwner$, ALERT_RESOLVED_BY: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/ResolvedBy$, ALERT_RAISED_TIME: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/TimeRaisedLocal$, ALERT_RESOLUTION_TIME: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/ResolutionStateLastModifiedLocal$, ALERT_LAST_MODIFIED_TIME: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/LastModifiedLocal$, ALERT_LAST_MODIFIED_BY: $Data[Default=’Not Present’]/Context/DataItem/LastModifiedBy$, ALERT_WEB_CONSOLE_LINK:$Data/Context/DataItem/AlertId$”

Startup folder for the command line:


After much head scratching I realised that the custom event log was only configured on 1 management server but both my management servers were members of the Notifications Resource Pool.


Changed Notifications Resource Pool to manual membership and removed the management server that didn’t have the custom event log on it


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