Missing UNIX/Linux Run As Accounts

Came across this scenario today whereby my UNIX/Linux Run As accounts were missing from my console view, but the monitoring was working as expected for my linux servers


After some investigation it appeared that the reason for this was that someone had added an additional UNIX/Linux account and edited an existing account by removing some text that scom automatically inserts before and after the user id for UNIX/Linux Run As Accounts when they are created. At the time of writing this article I am not sure how this was achieved as nobody owned up to doing this.

To explain this look at the Ops Manager database and the UNIX/Linux accounts should have some pre-text before them

Run the following SQL query against the OpsMgr database:-

select * from CredentialManagerSecureStorage


It should present a table similar to the one above…..notice the first entry in the table is a replica of an existing account called SCOMSVC  on line 5 but it is not encapsulated in the <SCXUser><UserId> pre-text

To fix I ran the following query against the OpsMgr database:-

DELETE FROM dbo.CredentialManagerSecureStorage
WHERE dbo.CredentialManagerSecureStorage.SecureStorageElementId = ‘8E10BF35-09E1-436E-B971-115956AA0CE9’
DELETE FROM dbo.LocalizedText
WHERE dbo.LocalizedText.LTStringId = ‘8E10BF35-09E1-436E-B971-115956AA0CE9’;

**NOTE** The securestorageelement id is specific to my example

After running this query I then restarted the System Center Configuration and Data Access Services on the management servers in my Unix / Linux Resource Pool.

I then restarted my console with the /clearcache switch

“C:\Program Files\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\Console\Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Monitoring.Console.exe”/clearcache

The missing UNIX/Linux accounts then all re-appeared in my console!

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