Migrating/Restoring SCOM Notification Subscriptions

This doesn’t come up often, but every once in a while there is a need to move notification subscriptions from one SCOM Management Group to another. There is also the occasional instance where every once in a while after an upgrade or change you realise you lost some or all of your notification subscriptions and subscribers to some good old fashioned upgrade related corruption.

In SCOM 2007/2012 the location where all notification subscriptions and subscribers are stored is the Notification Internal Library MP.

To migrate or restore a copy of the MP do the following:

  1. Export a backup of the existing MP + check the version number of the MP








  1. Retrieve file from prior to upgrade. (This is where periodic backups of all your management packs comes in handy) If version number present internally in the file differs from the post upgrade version number increment version number to match by editing in notepad and resaving being sure to preserve original file extension.
  2. Import MP file into your production environment
  3. Check and confirm that subscriptions and subscribers are present, as well as that they are working.
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