The selected management pack cannot be deleted

I came across this scenario whereby I tried to delete a MP from my SCOM console via the usual methods but I got the following error message:-





After waiting a while it was obvious that the MP was not going to delete.

This was eventually resolved by changing  the file size of the Operations Database LOG file using Microsoft SQL Server Manager Studio on the server hosting the OpsDB.

1. Start the SQL Server Management Studio

2. Navigate to the OperationsManager Database -> Right mouse click -> select Properties and then select the page “Files” in the left top corner in the Select a Page column.

3. Change the initial Size (MB) for the Database file MOM_LOG and/or set it to autogrowth.

In my SCOM installation the File Growth was set at 256MB and Restricted Growth (MB) was 6,144

I changed it to File Growth to In Percent 10% and Maximum File Size Unrestricted File Growth

After this change I tried to delete the Management pack in SCOM and it worked!

After a short while I then put the database size settings back to their original values.

NOTE:-I am not a SQL expert, so maybe ask your SQL DBA about any side effects of making such changes.





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