Powershell Script to Close Alerts older than a specified number of days and generated by Rules

Below is a script to close all Alerts that are older than a specified number of days that have been generated by rules. You can change the number of days to suit your requirements.

NOTE:-You won’t need to add the Opsmgr snap-in if you are already running the OpsMgr Command Shell.

# Load snapin and connect to RMS
# Remember to enter the fqdn name of the RMS below!
$RMS = “enter.fqdn.name.here
Add-PSSnapin “Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Client”
Set-Location “OperationsManagerMonitoring::”
New-ManagementGroupConnection -ConnectionString:$RMS
Set-Location $RMS
# Adjust the amount of hours to your liking, by default it is set at 96 hours.
$AgeHours = 96 
# Find alerts with New state which were created by a rule.
# This will close alerts older than the specified amount of hours if coming from a rule.
get-alert -criteria ‘ResolutionState=”0” AND IsMonitorAlert=”False”’ |where {$_.LastModified -le (Get-Date).addhours(-$AgeHours)} | resolve-alert -comment “Close old alerts generated by rules” | out-null
#end of script

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