Upgrading Management Packs on SCOM 2007 R2

It is always important to have up to date Management packs, this is because in updated management packs their can be new monitors and rules which are not included in the current version of the management pack and therefore making you miss potential issues. Bug Fixes may also be included in updated MP’s so updating can also reduce the amount of noise from SCOM.

The task of updating SCOM R2 Management Packs is straightforward and can be achieved in 6 Steps

Upgrading Management Packs

1:- Firstly go to the Administration tab on SCOM console

2:-Now Right Click Management packs on the windows on the left and choose import management packs

 3:- Next choose the add option and then the add from catalog option. The Add from catalog option, basically checks for new MP’s from the Microsoft Management Pack catalog.

4:- Change the View drop down to update management packs. This will then compare our MP version to Microsoft catalogues and let you know what MP’s you need to update when you hit search.

 5:-You will now see the management packs you need to update. If you choose what management packs you  want and press the add option and then finally hit ok.

 6:-Then Install the MP’s and you’re done.


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