SCOM 2007 R2 Licencing

Here is a back of napkin (and unofficial aproach) Since standard license only applies to servers that are dedicated FAX, Print, DNS and File servers (did I miss any?) – where dedicated means not shared for any other reason, the enumeration should be pretty simple to do on a napkin.

Count agents. Subtract the number of management servers. That gives you the total number of licensed servers. Then split out the dedicated file/print/fax/dns servers. Those are your standard licenses. The rest are your enterprise licenses.

Every Agent installed on a server OS needs either the Standard ML or Enterprise ML, but not both.

– Every Agent installed on a server needs the Standard ML, if the server only provides these services: Print Server, DFS, FRS, NFS, FTP, WSS, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Password Change Notification, Baseline Security Analyzer, Reliability and Availability Services.

– Every Agent installed on a server needs the Enterprise ML, if the server provides any services or applications not in the previous list.  It doesn’t matter which management packs are installed or what is actually being monitored.

– No difference for Agentless clients, they still follow the same rules as Agent-managed clients.

– Monitoring a remote website from a Watcher Node with an agent installed does not require an additional ML.
$300 (dollars) per Enterprise licence
$110 (dollars) per Standard Licence

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