SCOM firewall port configurations

Firewall Config

The Operations Manager agent will initiate a connection over port 5723 to the management server, pulling down configuration data and those management pack rules which apply to this agent and sending back both heartbeat and performance data.

Once a firewall connection has been opened one way then communication between the 2 hosts can be initiated freely bi-directionally.

But if there is no established connection and one side tries to *initiate* communication…..that will be blocked by the firewall if you don’t have rules going both ways allowing bi-directional communication.

Component A                  Port Number and direction         Component B

RMS                                         1433—>                                                  Ops DB

MS                                           1433–>                                                     Ops DB

MS                                           5723–>                                                     RMS

Web Console Server             5724–>                                                      RMS

Web Console Browser          51908–>                                                   Web Console Server

Agent                                      5723–>                                                      RMS

Agent                                      5723–>                                                      MS

Reports Server                     1433–>                                                      Data Warehouse

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